Must see places in Cluj- Napoca



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Must see places in Cluj- Napoca


Baile Somesene (Băile Someşeni)

They are found on the east side of the city at around 4k from the center. At an altitude of 360 meters, this thermal baths are the best for treating different kinds of bone diseases because of the rich mineral and salty waters.


Cojocna Bai (Baile Cojocna)

They are found on the east side of the Cojocna village on the left side of the Somes river at an altitude of 340 m. The warmth climate of the area, enriched from t haters of the two lakes is ideal for the treatment of different diseases. The reservation offers hers guest warm and cold baths. For the warm baths there are pools located on the old mine settlement.



At 265 m altitude, it`s near the village with the same name. The source of the mineral water dates back millennia ago and it has an roman certificate of authenticity from the old Roman Empire. The hipo thermal mineral water (18-200), with bicarbonate and low sulf and chlorine  it is used in the treatment of different skin disease and rheumatic diseases.



Turda Bai :

Surounded by forests on the meridian side of Turda city offers treatments for different kinds of skin disease, especially those of the muscular and scheleting systems.
Dated back in the Roman age, the first mention about them was at the end of 17th century with the name Turda salt mines. The most important lakes in the area are Lake Roman , Lake Privighetoarea.

Cheile Turzii 1.jpg

Turdas Gorge Caves
They formed thanks to Hasdate River erosion. They are know since ancient times, Turga Gorge is famous for it`s pitoresque landscape and wildlife. The terrain is made out of vertical walls and different caves.

(Calastur Cave (751m)), Bat Cave and Pesterile Cuptorului.
Most of these caves were dried out and they offer a great research for the archeological teams in Cluj. During the the invasions the people used these caves as a place to hide.


Baile Ocna Dej
They formed in a place of an old salt mine. The high concentration of salt in the water ( over 250g/l ) it`s used for treating rheumatic disease.


Baisoara Mountain
It is located 800 m from the Baisoara village at an altitude of 1600m. The area si good for sking and in the summer you can go hungint and fishing. The Baisoara Complex it`s the best starting point on hking towards Cheile Runcului cave.



Masivul Vladeasa
It referes to an mountain made out of two walls wich descend north towards Draga river. The most important natural and touristic location it`s the oriental side. The general look of the area ressembles an volcanic plateau and it`s visited by many tourists.


Gilau – Tarnita Area
It si an specatular area, and the main attractions are the Tarnita dam (87m) and Tarnita lake wich covers an surface of 216 ha.


Trascau Mountains
The landscape sculpted in chalk stone offers the most beautiful view around. The Main Atractions are Turdas Gorge and Tureni gorge made with the help of Hastade and Racilor rivers.