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Natural Reserves –Cluj-Napoca

Fanatele Clujului, because of the diverse fauna is one of the most interesting natural reserves wich Cluj has to offer. It`s located north of the city Cluj-Npoaca and it`s passed by the Valea Calda ( Warm Valley) and it extends itself on 72,5 ha area and offers an very unique and beautiful landscape. Over 450 plant species are situated here.

Cheile Turzii (Turda Gorge) Natural Reserve

Turda Gorge was founded in 1938 and it`s one of the most important natural monument in Cluj. The landscape diversity offers the perfect conditions for some of the uniquest plant species around ( wild garling and different kinds of ferns)

Suatu Botanical Reservation:
Located 26 Km from Cluj-Napoca it occupies an 4 ha surface and holds some truly amazing botanical treasures wich attracted scientist all over the world.

Pike Lake
Pike Lake it`s truly an paradox because it`s fresh water comes from an old salt mine. The vegetation and wild life offers the best place for carrier pigeons.

Lacul and Valea Legii Bird reservation:
It`s located in the upper part of the Fizes river and it was declared a natural reserve in 1967. It occupies an 45 ha area and it`s main characteristic it`s the sulf covered swamps.