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Speleologist "Emil Racovita" Museum - Cluj-Napoca

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You might wonder what is the connection between the past and the Museum of Speleology, Emil Racovita:Well, the museum is housed in medieval prison in the city!
Organized into three rooms, is characterized by very thick walls and a very low temperature; on the other hand it was inevitable since it is a former prison.

It is said that before the execution, there have been imprisoned the famous Baba Novac, a rebel Serb who distinguished himself in battles against the Turks in the second half of the sixteenth century in the army of Mihai Viteazul, his confessor.
The Museum of Speleology , has become a must for the itinerary of every tourist visiting the city. In addition to valuables that can be seen, you may make a brief foray into the life of Emil Racoviţă, cave explorer and biologist,considered the father of biospeleology. And entry is free.

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