How to arrive at Cluj-Napoca



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How to arrive at Cluj-Napoca

With the Airplane

The international airport from Cluj-Napoca has connections with every major airport in the world. The airlines companies have line flights and charter. There are several airline companies that operate In Romania (Tarom; Carpatair they all provide connections with major cities like Milano-Bergamo, Torino, Verona, Venezia, Firenze, Roma wich arrive in Cluj after a stop at Timisoara. Low cost flights with take offs from different Italian cities are offered by Wizzair ( The flights start from Venezia, Forli/Bologna, Pisa, Roma-Fiumicino, Cuneo/Torino.
Even the most important European airlines ( Air France, KLM, Austrian Airlines) have different connections with CLuj-Napoca International airport.


By car

The Main acces roads into Romania  go through cities like Berlino, Varsavia, from the E81 road to the E60 for Viena and Budapest-Bors. Towards Italy the acces routes are 2: first goes through Austria and Hungary and secont through Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary.
To pass Asutria you have to follow the road wich goes through Tarvisio-Villach-Klanenfurt until Graz. After that you can take the highway towards Viena-Budapesta going east to reach the Bors-Oradea Customs. This road will allow you to enter Romania and reach the center of Transylvania. The E60 roads from Oradea to Cluj has a beautiful landscape and lots of sightseeing to do.
Since January 2005 all cars have to pay, when they enter Romania, a fee called Rovinieta( U can pay this fee at all postal offices or at the gas stations wich they will provide you with a sticker to put on the windshield of your car. The cost depends on the type of the car and the duration of your visit.

By coach

Some coach companies make connections with Romania: Eurolines ( leaves from Genoa-Turin-Mestre and reach Bucharest with stops in Oradea, Cluj, Alba Iulia, Ramnicu-Valcea, Pitesti. There is also the company Atlassib Romania, which operates daily to and from many cities in Romania (