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Emil Isac memorial house

Emil Isac, the son of lawyer Aurel (1845-1932) and school teacher Eliza (1854-1922). He made his debut in 1903 with the poem “La umbra plopilor” ( The Shade of Poplar) and was published on the 25th of november in Family magazine . After that he started to collaborate with different publications of the time (“Viata noua” – New Life; “Noua Revista romana” - New romanian Magazine;” Cuvantul Liber “– Free Word). His most famous poems are “Mama” , “Ochi tai albastri” – Your Blue Eyes and “Pe langa apa care trece”- Near the flowing water.
After his death, in 1954, his house was transformed into an museum called “Emil Isac Museum”, wich is made out of 3 big rooms wich are dedicated to his poetic life.


Casa Memoriala Emil Isac

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